Chicago Dodgeball Party

We make fun. With balls. And music.

Chicago's own independent Dodgeball League.  

Thursday nights at Wicker Park Fieldhouse by the Damen Blue Line.

We throw balls at each other. 

Come hang out!

Who We Are

Chicago Dodgeball Party is Chicago's own 100% independent dodgeball league.  Our soft, no-sting balls make it fun and less bruise-some to play, no matter if you're an athlete or a half-lete.  In the autumn and winter we play at the Wicker Park Fieldhouse (1425 North Damen Ave, right off of the Damen Blue Line)  on Thursday nights. In the summer we play outdoors on the (asphalt) basketball courts of Commercial Park (1845 W Rice, off Chicago / Wolcott / Rice). Our goal is to provide a space for the dodgeball league that WE want to play in: fun, energetic, chill and friendly, with a rockin' soundtrack.

jen and seth halloween.jpg

Chicago Dodgeball Party was founded in 2014 by Seth Dickens and Jen Horne.  CDP's mission is to create a fun space for chill people to play dodgeball the way it was meant to be played; 50 minute games, no breaks, followed by high fives, burgers and shots of Jameson.  

In 2015 our fearless leaders moved on to new life adventures; and Krystle Audrey took over. She pretty much believes in all things as Seth & Jen. But Krystle is more of a medium five; cuz she just can't reach a high five. 

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Sound like fun?  We think so!