Chicago Dodgeball Party

We make fun. With balls. And music.

Chicago's own independent Dodgeball League.  

Thursday nights at Wicker Park Fieldhouse by the Damen Blue Line.

We throw balls at each other. 

Come hang out!

The Rules

"Like chess, dodgeball is a game of simple rules that takes a lifetime to truly learn."

- No one ever, 2013


Here's a quick run-down of how we play. 

1. Be a good sport.  Take your outs, no pointing of fingers, be chill, and HAVE FUN!

2. It's a live ball until it, well, it dies.  After a ball is thrown, it can get multiple players out or be caught until it dies.  A ball dies by hitting the wall, the ground, the ceiling, a player on the outline, or another ball in the air.

3. Headshots don't count.  We cannot abide head-hunters.  That being said, there are exactly two scenarios when a ball to the face will get you out.

  • Deflected ball: A ball that first hits something other than your face (i.e. another ball, a teammate, your own ball) and then smacks your noggin gets you out.
  • Three Points of Contact: When any three parts of your body touch the floor. (Your big caboose counts as all three, Chubby McGee.) 

4. Two headshots in a game, and you're outta there. If you deliver two headshots in one 50-minute match (even if they are unintentional), you will be removed from that night's gameplay.  Refs' discretion. You can also be removed from the league for multiple headshots; this is at the Ref's and League Manager's discretion.

5. At the start of the game, run to get your own balls.  There is no mutual rush at CDP (to prevent head smashings).  At opening rush, always run for the balls to your right.

6. No pinching the balls. This is classified as rubber touching rubber OR NAILS ON BALLS.  Just don't do it!

7. We love subs!**  If a team member can't make a match,  have your team captain let us know, we will pull a player from our list! We want people to come in and sub! On that note- register as a sub*** if you can't commit to a full season. Subs then $5 bucks a night, an CDP will do our best to have you play both time slots, if you wish. 

8. **But no subs during playoffs. 

9. First in, first out! Pretty simple stuff: the order in which you got out is the order you go back in.  Always line up on the netside. Unless we are playing full court - in that case; line up to your right, when facing center / attack line. 

10. Alternates - IF with in the first 2/3rds (two thirds) of the season, you realize you are unable to complete the season; email your captain and CC what your situation is. You are not likely to receive a refund of any kind. You may come back and sub (for $5.00/ night) on any team other than the one you are leaving. You will not be allowed to play on any team during finals. The team you are leaving may be able to have an alternate player (who will play a pro-rated rated for the season) placed on your team, s/he will be considered a regular team member; and will play during finals. 


If you would like the full blown un-abridged rules; of, if you have questions - email and ask us.

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